Year 10 Camp Highlights

Year 10 students didn’t have to be camping, hiking or canoeing to have an amazing time together at Camp Week.  They also had great opportunities to build relationships with each other and their teachers, learn new skills, work together in teams, and overall have a fun time together as a year group.

We didn’t want to miss out on sharing some of their favourite things about their camp.

My favourite memory of Camp Week was….

“Literally the majority of the camp was an amazing experience! I appreciate all the teamwork that was involved in every group, because it showed how we as a year group can somewhat be flexible and appreciate each other. And of course we can’t forget the Red Teams ICONICCCCC dance. Literally THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!”  

“Hanging out with friends and building new relationships with my peers and teachers.” 

“At the Woolshed doing all the activities and when we were all dressed up with our themed table.” 

“It was the last day having the fancy lunch, and coming closer to people in my year.”