Year 12 Managing Exam Stress

ReachOut’s top tips for beating stress

Everyone experiences stress at some point, but there are heaps of simple ways to minimise its impact on your life. Right now is a great time of the year to work on stress management skills and be ready for when the stress-deluge comes (exams).

Stress can be mild or intense, and it can make people feel frustrated, anxious and even hostile. Ever been grumpy because of stress? There you go. Stress can get in the way of sleep, cause headaches and change your appetite. It can also reduce your ability to concentrate and make it harder to remember course content.

ReachOut has lots of fact sheets and practical tools for beating stress. Here are a few:

  • All work and no play? Bad idea. Make time every week to completely forget about study and do something you enjoy, like playing sport, hanging out with friends or watching TV. Taking regular breaks and ‘me-time’ to clear your head will also help you study more productively:
  • Feel like you’re not achieving what you’re capable of? Sit down and set goals at the beginning of each term. Define your goal, set sub-goals and make a plan of action. Then you’ll know what you’re aiming for and it’ll be easier to stay focused:
  • When you’re feeling stressed, it helps to have a proven strategy lined up to help you deal with it. It could be something like reducing the number of commitments you have, telling a close friend you’re stressed and talking through it, or even using positive self-talk strategies:

Sometimes it might feel like stress is unbeatable, but it’s definitely manageable. For more info on keeping it in control, check out these fact sheets on :