Year 2 meets a ‘mad’ scientist in Senior College

Both Year 2 classes made the trek up to Senior College on Monday to have a Science Lesson with Science Coordinator Mr Seymour.  Anticipating an informative lesson in Science (which was executed perfectly by Mr Seymour) the students were surprised that Mr Seymour had invited a ‘Mad Scientist’ to also visit the Science lesson.

When students walked into the Science room they immediately put on lab coats and, looking very much like scientists, sat down for the engaging lesson.  Mr Seymour had prepared creative slides explaining that he had a beautifully organised shelf of pure substances including metal, sand, salt, water and crushed shells.  But the ‘Mad Scientist’ had come into his office and mixed all of these pure substances together!

“Ha Ha!!  They are now heterogeneous substances.  Try to separate them completely!” – Mad (Silly) Scientist.

The students’ task was to try and separate different mixtures for Mr Seymour.  The first was to separate sand and metal using a magnet which attracted the metal pieces and left the sand.  The next task was to separate water, salt and crushed shells.  Mr Seymour was happy with their results and quite pleased to get his pure substances separated again.

The students loved the lesson and their teachers were impressed with Mr Seymour’s engaging lesson.  Year 2 Teacher Mrs Jooste commented, “The slideshow was brilliant! Your delivery was amazing and we learned a lot we can use for future Science investigations. The students had an amazing time.  I really feel they have grasped the concept of Solutions well!

Mr Smede was equally impressed.  “You did a wonderful job with the Year 2 students and made it very accessible, whilst retaining as much scientific concepts and terminology as possible. The students were still talking about the “naughty scientist” when they returned. They loved it. Thank you again Steve.”

Enjoy some comments from students in Mrs Jooste’s class:

“There was a naughty boy (Scientist) that mixed up the sand and metal , and the water, the salt and the crushed shell. So the teacher gave us a magnet and all the metal came on the magnet.   We poured the water the through the filter paper. We needed to get 10 grams of shells, but we got 14!”  Persis 

“I learnt that you could use magnets to pick up the metal, to separate the sand the metal.” Ruben 

“I liked visiting the Science lab because I got to meet Mr Seymour . I liked separating all the sand, metal, salt, water and shells.” Cristian 

“I learnt that you can use magnets to get metal from inside the plastic container. I didn’t know that metal was that heavy. We weighed it on the digital scales. We found 22 grams altogether.” Kevin 

“We got metal and sand in a little container and we had a magnet to separate the sand and the metal. We also got water and crushed shells. We got a funnel to put the water inside the cup. We got the crushed shells into the cup. We measured them and it was 14 grams.” Kalani 

“You can separate shells from water using a special paper. You can get metal from sand using a magnet.” Ivy