Year 5 talk about camp week

Camp week is always an exciting time of the year for students, staff and parents.  For Year 5 in particular, the nervous excitement that grips students and parents on departure day is palpable and contagious. Students jump on the buses unsure of quite what to expect and eager to start their big adventure.

Instead of a recap from our teachers this year, we thought we’d let the students do the talking:

5 Blue

“8:00am…. I dozed off to sleep on the bus, dreaming about aiming my target at archery! But that didn’t happen because my shoes were muddy and wet. Besides that camp was amazing! Nice service, yummy food and I saw some jelly fish while canoeing, really fun. But next time…. I’ll bring an old pair of shoes.” Holly W

“I loved the water slide, I loved it so much that in my free time I only went to the water slide, nothing else. The billy carts were fun, but they were heavy. It was like carrying  a 50kg baby up the 45 degree hill. Prussiking was fun.”   Jackson S

“Canoeing was my favourite activity at camp because it was heart pumping when we jumped in. We paddled like mad to win the games where you had to get a dry piece of paper.”  Keenan

“Overall my favourite activity was water sliding. When I arrived at the waterslide I was horrified and thrilled at the same moment, but when I jumped on for the first time, it was scary. At the end of the ride, I sense a huge wave of satisfaction.”  Nathan M

“I liked all of the instructors because they were kind and funny.” Chelsea

“My favourite activity would have to be pool rafting because of all the games like oar race. I can’t wait for the next camp.”  Noah

“I loved billy carts because you need teamwork to build the billy carts.”  Ana

“My favourite activity was canoeing.” Holly B

“My favourite activity was archery because you get to use a real weapon. I liked when you shot the arrow it danced in the air like there was a party.” Eunu

“I liked staying up late with my cabin mates. Shh. Don’t tell the teacher! It was amazing.”  Anneliese

“I loved canoeing The science behind the little boat and how it worked was amazing.” SK

“I loved pool rafting, it was like a crazy adventure.” Sophie

“I loved rope climbing because I struggled at the start, but then I got the hang of it which I think is good.”  Ruby

“One of my favourite memories of camp is spending time with my friends.” Silas

“As I went down the rocket fast waterslide I got drenched with water.”  Lily T

“My favourite activity at camp was archery because I got 3 bullseyes.”  Zakk

“I loved spending time with friends and I got to make lots more friends.” Charlotte

“The low ropes was best because it helped me realise we need God to help spot us when we fall.”  Mikayla

“I loved making the raft and riding it, but it was hard to pull apart.” Cooper

“Low ropes was awesome because there was a rope you hold on to and it moves with you.”  Lilly B

“At camp I enjoyed the waterslide because at first it doesn’t look that exciting but then it gets rapid and it’s a real rush of excitement.” Isabella

5 Maroon

“Most important of all I managed to overcome some of my fears and learn some awesome new skills.” Francesca M

“One of my favourite parts of camp was Christian discovery. I enjoyed Christian discovery because I got to learn more about God.” Chloe P

“So my favourite part about camp was everything because those memories I made will never disappear.”  Ruth B

“I liked handball and playing with Lucy.”  Zahli

“Thank you so much for making me and everyone else have a great time at camp. It was the best time at school that I’ve had, so far. thank you for great and first time at school camp!” Nathan C

“I did enjoy camp a lot like the awesome water slide and the billy carting. My favourite part was the night activities.”  Emma T

“I learnt how to shoot a bow at archery work as a team at canoeing and encourage each other and keep trying even when things get tough and the leaders are fun.” Hayden S

“I had a blast at camp. I like billy carting.Anastasia

“The favourite thing I liked about camp was swimming in the pool and canoeing.” Man L

“I really liked archery because it was very fun and challenging and that was so cool when you shot the arrow through the centre of the orange.” George

“My favourite was pool rafting.” Nicola

“I enjoyed canoeing, all of the leaders and pool rafting. I learnt that sometimes it is hard but if you push yourself to the limits then you will eventually make.” Ari

“Camp was really fun and I enjoyed doing activities with my best friends.” Jordan

“I learnt it is still fun doing meal service even though it doesn’t seem fun.”  Elliot

“I enjoyed canoeing, pool rafting, billy carting.” Levi W

“I found camp really fun i really liked the canoeing because we got to swim in the lake after. I also enjoyed the waterslide because i enjoyed the splash.”  Anita

“Camp was very fun.” Miya