Year 6 get their hands dirty for a clean cause

When other students were offsite for camp recently, Year 6 students got their hands dirty – all for a clean cause.   It was ‘Clean Up Australia Day’.

Enthusiastic students ventured into the surrounding parklands and our school grounds armed with gloves and garbage bags. The aim was simple: spend an hour of time making a difference to our local environment and those who live in it.

“I enjoyed Clean Up Australia Day because every piece of rubbish I picked up is one less going into the environment.” –  Jemima

“I had so much fun collecting rubbish with my friends. I also realised it wasn’t just about fun, it was about saving the lives of the beautiful creatures that God created.” – Cooper

“Cleaning up the ground as one whole year group was an awesome idea. You got to go into groups and not just clean up the rubbish but also have fun with your friends while cleaning at the same time. We had so much fun! But Clean Up Australia Day isn’t just about having fun it’s also about helping the environment and taking care of our country and helping each other to make Australia a better country. So, I believe we should all make a difference.” – Talea

“Clean Up Australia Day was a great day to clean up and there was a lot of rubbish everywhere. Every Year 6 student got in to help clean up and I think was great.” –  Hananeel

“Clean-Up Australia Day: Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” Austin

“I really enjoyed Clean Up Australia Day. I had so much fun cleaning up our school and helping the environment. I would love to do it again any day.” Addisen