Year 6 Literature – Refugee Week

Students have been learning more about refugees this week – Refugee Week. They have been reading age appropriate stories to learn about some refugee experiences.

In Junior School, students have been reading some picture books, while in Year 5 and 6, students have been listening to stories (told in picture book format) and also Book Dating.

During Year 6 Literature Information time in Library, students have looked at a range of books on refugees including biographies, autobiographies, fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, picture books, etc.  They have read the text on the back of the book and decided whether it was interesting and worth reading.

After reviewing four books, each student chose a book to present to the class, give the book a rating (1 – 4 with 1 being the best rating) and identify the genre of the book. It may have been an action genre, war genre, historical fiction, etc.

“Exposure to a range of different books enhanced student understanding and for many, fired their interest to borrow the book. Empathy is developed by reading and understanding the stories of others,” explained Mrs Saint-John, Teacher/Librarian.

Some reasons and ratings students gave their reviewed books:

  • Lewis – ‘Diary of Anne Frank’ (Rate 2) – “I like non fiction stories.’
  • Eunu – ‘Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow’ (Rate 2) – “I like true stories/war and mystery.”
  • Josh – ‘Parvanna’s Promise’ (Rate 2) – “I like books that you don’t know what will happen.”