Year 7 Camp – ‘Challenge by Choice’

Year 7 students had the opportunity to enjoy three action packed days of fun, friendship and activity at Rathane on the beautiful Port Hacking River in Sydney’s south recently. The main purpose of camp was for students to experience ‘challenge by choice,’ as each one was asked to step outside their comfort zone through a variety of outdoor education activities facilitated by staff from Youthworks.

Mr Ben Carden, Year 7 Teacher said, “It was great to see our students persevering throughout the activities and especially to see them feel the sense of achievement that comes with persistence.”

“These are landmark experiences that students will be able to look back on and draw inspiration from as they approach secondary study. Whether it’s putting on an abseiling harness and stepping over the precipice, paddling against strong wind and tides on a canoe journey or sticking together and completing a task as a team in outdoor initiatives, each student enjoyed success in the trials, setting them up for the months and years ahead as a team of learners.”



Enjoy comments from our students about the camp:

“Camp was so awesome I would like to thank the teachers, parents and the Youth works people for helping us go out of our comfort zone and pushing us to try everything. It was a real pleasure to go to this wonderful camp.” – Isabella H

“The camp had almost forced our hearts to open up to new adventures and opportunities that you will never regret.” – Chante B

“I loved camp – I loved the canoeing. I tried abseiling and I hesitated but I eventually faced the fears and had a crack at it.” – Emilie S

“My favourite thing about camp was hanging out with friends, playing basket ball in free time and working together doing activities like canoeing rock climbing and abseiling.” – Zac D

“Camp was an amazing time. A time to have a better relationship with my friends and my Lord.” – Josiah 

“The best thing about camp for me was the fact that we all got to spend time with each other and getting to know each other.  We were all challenged with some of the activities that we did. Camp was fun!” – Talia L

“I loved Year 7 Camp because it was challenging and there were lots of fun and difficult activities. The food was really good and the time hanging out with friends was really fun. My favourite activity was abseiling since I got to do the 8 metre abseiling.” – Luke O

“Camp was the best I loved the dragon boating.” – Michael S

“Camp is a great fear conquering experience, it is also great for team work. My favourite was rock climbing where everyone encouraged each other to do the tricky courses.” – Holly H

“Camp is a great team building exercise and makes us  get fit and gets us outdoors.  It helps us to form new friendships and gets us closer to our friends.”  Charlotte T

“My favourite part of camp was all the activities and connecting with my friends and playing go-fish at 1:00 am and talking until 4:00 am in the morning was fun. We all connected as a class!” – Olivia C

“It was fun and exciting with friends.” – Bodee V

“My favourite thing about camp was when we went indoor rock climbing as even when I was pretty sure I could not make it I kept pushing and got to the top and felt really accomplished.” – Zoe T 

“My favourite part of camp was going dragon boat racing and singing Japanese songs on the river.  The camp leaders were great and so was the food.” – Isabelle S

“Camp was a great experience for me like for abseiling was a scary experience for me but I overcame my fears and did it.” – Neelav C

“My favourite part of camp was canoeing because we were all racing and we nearly capsized! That was fun as well as the indoor climbing and we had to hold onto the rope while it was attached to the climber and when they finished we moved in as they were lowered down, and coming down was fun jumping off the wall. There were more things but these were my favourite.” – David E

“I really loved camp because we all got to grow better friendships with other people in our year and our friendships we already had grew stronger. I really loved the water slide and abseiling they were by far my favourite activities at camp because in abseiling my friend helped me overcome my fear of heights and on the water slide we all got to have free time together.” – Monet S

“I enjoyed Year 7 camp a lot, the thing I enjoyed the most was probably hanging out with my friends and peers, I also loved doing all the activities,  I enjoyed abseiling, canoeing and I also really enjoyed doing Dragon Boating because we had to work together.” – Zara K

“My favourite part about camp was rock climbing because I like climbing rocks and I like abseiling because its like free falling and I like to take risks.” – Tilah M

“My favourite thing about camp was getting to go dragon boating and abseiling.” – Abigail C

“Camp was really fun to hang out my everyone and make new friends. I loved all the activities and everyone in my group having a go.” – Madeleine C

My camp highlight was canoeing. Canoes were very fun and my group had a lot of fun canoeing. (except for when our hands got tired) Dragon boating was very fun too! Also, abseiling was very good.” – Joshua S

“I loved camp because of all the activities and when you are there, you’re never bored. it was great fun and the food was FANTASTIC!! I liked the choice of cabins and all the things you could do was just fun forever. Overall , I thoroughly enjoyed camp!” – Stephanie F

“It was fun when we were dragon boating because every one was singing songs loudly that everyone knew and even the Year 9’s could hear us.” – Bowen M

“Year 7 camp was an enjoyable experience filled with fun activities including indoor climbing, canoeing and movie nights. Camp was also a really great space to relax, Hang out with friends, and build more friendships.” – Fiona S

“At camp, I really enjoyed spending quality time with my friends without devices and pushing myself to try new things. The highlight of my camp experience was when we were singing Queen songs and singing in Japanese while we were Dragon Boating.” – Emily K

“Camp was fun because you got to do new things and make new friends. You also got to spend time with God and share good memories with your friends.” – Sofie L

“I loved Year 7 camp, it was an amazing experience. I loved not only the activities but the food and being with my friends. If anyone is nervous in the future for it, relax, it’s great!” – Sarah D