Year 9 Campers – by Mr Strecker

“The Year 9 expedition gathered together on a warm, sunny Wednesday morning. Anticipation grew as students did final checks of equipment under the watchful eyes of doting parents and as teachers gathered together the last of the items needed for departure. The “all aboard” notice was given and the buses pulled out from Cedars station to destination Adventure. After what seemed to be a short trip the excited crew of students and teachers disembarked to prepare for the next stage: Men, packing bags and hiking out, women, preparing for on-site challenges.

The ‘Boys’ headed out first, heavy packs on and hiking up and down rocky terrain more suited to a mountain goat. Their words of encouragement, songs and spectacular views over the water ways and the Sydney skyline keeping each other up beat for the next terrain change. At camp, each group set up their tent and prepared their meals before heading for a nap. The next day a quick breakfast and then onto packs and the water for a scenic paddle back in canoes.

The ‘Girls’, meanwhile, set about making floatable rafts, using nothing but a few planks of wood, rope, plastic drums and a knowledge of Pythagoras and parallel lines. They then launched the SS Minnow 1 & 2 with pomp and splendour that the captain of the Titanic would have been proud of. Acrobatics were then called for to conquer impossible challenges pushing the vertical limits of what seemed humanly possible on the high ropes.

The next day the conquests were reversed.

The ladies succeeded in building two workable water crafts and getting everyone up on the high ropes, whilst the boys set a rapid pace for the hike and achieved everyone finishing inside their canoes. Both groups made a “My Kitchen Rules” camp creation and discussed God’s creation and what it meant to be a Christian young man and woman today.

The trip back was a more subdued occasion with many students and teachers doing head nod exercises whilst looking at their inner eyelids. Once back to Cedars the adventurers were greeted with all the excitement of a world renowned pop star or maths champion with each expedition member grilled on their adventures in the new land.”