Zone Cross Country – 1, 2, 3!


Oh YES team Cedars – we are proud of you!  You gave your all, you ran with your heart and it paid off!

Huge congratulations to all of our competitors at Zone Cross Country yesterday and especially to our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!

Here are a few of the amazing results:

12 Yr Girls – 1st to Bella, 2nd to Lexie and 3rd to Soraya

10 Yr Boys – 1st place to Ethan

16 Yr Girls – 1st place to Emily

15 Yr Girls – 1st place To Chante, 3rd place to Angelina

18 Yr Boys – 1st to James & 2nd place to Jared

17 Yr Boys – 2nd place to Aiden, 3rd place to Samuel

10 Yr Girls – 2nd for Tyra

8/9 Yr Boys – 2nd goes to Jayden

13 Yr Boys – 2nd goes to Denzel

15 Yr Boys – 2nd place to Joshua

14 Yr Girls – 2nd place to Emma-Rose, 3rd place to Sienna

16Yr Boys – 3rd place to Jye

Now on to State!