Allergy Awareness

As an allergy aware school we seek to create an environment where children suffering with allergies can be safe while they are on site or on excursions.

Currently we have a number of students at risk of anaphylaxis and as part of our risk minimisation, we are asking parents to avoid sending the following food products to school 

  • Any type of nut or nut spread
  • Muesli bars and biscuits containing actual nuts
  • Egg
  • Sesame Seeds

These products are also not available from the school Canteen.

Our policy at Cedars identifies 4 steps in the prevention of anaphylaxis in children:

  • Obtaining medical information about children at risk of anaphylaxis by the school.
  • Staff training about how to recognise and respond to a mild, moderate or severe allergic reaction, including training in the use of adrenaline auto injector devices.
  • Implementation of practical strategies to avoid exposure to medically confirmed allergens.
  • Age-appropriate education of children with severe allergies and their peers.

Information will continue to come home, and children will be educated within their classrooms about how we can all play a part in keeping our school safe for everyone.

Thank you for your support in this.

Tenille Pratt, Student Health & First Aid Officer