Bushfires – a word from our School Psychologist

With the fires so close to our area, and many of our families regularly holidaying on the South Coast, it is very likely that the bush fire crisis had a significant impact on many in our school community. Even if you were physically safe from the fires, the constant stress and uncertainty can have a deeper, longer lasting impact emotionally and mentally, even after the fires are out.

There is lots of great information out there about looking after yourself and your children if you have been affected by the fires in any way. Here are some good places to start:

If you have been significantly impacted by the fires please connect with your GP or touch base with one of the services above. If things are still difficult as school goes back, please touch base with me, Carol Ramsey (our school Chaplain), or your child’s teachers, so that we can keep you in mind or help you connect with the right support as the new school year begins.