Our Canteen has a Modified Menu this Term

Our Canteen has a modified menu this term while our Canteen Manager is on an unexpected break.  But don’t despair, she will return the first week of March when all Canteen services will be back to normal.

So, the Canteen will be open for lunch orders only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for week 2 to week 5 of Term 1. There won’t be Canteen services available on Monday and Tuesday as they are normally quiet Canteen days. There will also be no Canteen available on Week 1 of Term 1 due to the short week and School Swimming Carnival on the Friday.

The modified menu is below:

Item Price
Chicken and Lettuce/Chicken or Ham Salad – wrap or sandwich (wholemeal) $4.50
Ham and Cheese sandwich (wholemeal) $3.50
Vegemite sandwich (wholemeal) $2.50
Meat Pie $3.50
Sausage Roll $3.50
Tomato Sauce 50 cents
Ham and Cheese Pizza $2.50
Water – 600ml $2.50
Juice-apple or orange 250ml $2.50
Milk-chocolate or strawberry (Nippies) 375ml $3.50

Please place all orders and pay for them at Reception by 9am for Years 7-12. Students in K- Year 6 follow the normal process where lunch orders are given to the class teacher at the start of the day.

Our Canteen will be running their full menu again the first week of March.  Please contact us at Reception if you have any questions.

Thanks for understanding!