P & F Invitation

The College is blessed to have a caring, engaged and active group of parents contributing within the College community.  Our P&F actively co-ordinates the social and various community activities at the College, as well as raising funds for important College projects and initiatives.

Parents and Carers are warmly invited to come along to the next P&F Meeting on Tuesday 10 April at 7.00 pm to vote on some exciting new ideas for P&F Fundraising for 2018.

The ideas proposed at the last P&F Meeting are below:

  • Brick Fundraiser – this fundraiser will work in nicely with the building of the new Early Learning Centre and bring with it a sense of school community and legacy for generations to come. Families will enjoy designing their personalised donated brick and seeing it incorporated into the new building.
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser – 1 litre tub of dough with 10 varieties with online shop available for easy ordering.
  • Ladies Movie Night – held at school with snacks & drinks / drinks, high profit, easy fundraising & great networking.
  • Pie Fundraiser – through Coniston Bakery, which is owned by a Cedars family. Offers a range of different savoury pies eg. Beef, chicken & vegetable, curry etc, and also includes lamingtons, apple pie, slice etc. The mark up averages around $4 per unit sold which goes to the P&F.
  • Progressive Potluck Dinner – couples bring a meal to share and pay $20 per head for a night of fun, food and laughter. Items are auctioned off and tickets sold for really great prizes.
  • Cookbook – online cookbook allows the school to fundraise and produce a great legacy book of Cedars Family Favourites. Roughly 4 months of work to produce.
  • Family Portrait Fundraiser – families can update their family portrait and a portion of the sales proceeds would go to the P&F (as done in previous years)
  • Gingerbread House Decorating – would be held closer to the end of the year. People would pay an amount to come and decorate their own gingerbread house, they could do it with a family member or friend. Good community building event whilst raising money at the same time.
  • Trivia Night – as done in previous years, opportunity to fundraise through silent auctions, balloon purchases containing donated prizes, etc.
  • High Tea – as previously held last year for the women of our College. Opportunity to fundraise through things such as a portion of the ticket price going to the P&F, guessing competitions and balloon purchases containing donated prizes.

We hope to see you there!