School Bus Travel – Important Information (Opal Cards)

Dear Parents

Transport NSW have notified us that the moratorium period for students without an opal card, expired on Friday 23 February 2018. From now on students who don’t present a working opal card each time they travel on the bus will be required to pay a fare. Students can also apply for a Child/Youth opal card so if their school opal card does not work or they have misplaced it they can use this card to pay their fare or they can pay cash. Students without a working school opal card, term card, Child/Youth card or cash money will not be permitted to travel on the bus and will need to go to the school office. Parents will be contacted to arrange for them to get home.​​​​​​​ If students or parents have any questions regarding Opal cards and travel to/from school, they can contact Opal on 13OPAL (136725) or at