Staffing Changes in Term 2

We are all looking forward to coming back on site very soon with the phasing back in of face-to-face teaching. So, I want to make our community aware of some new faces around our school community and some changes to staff positions.

Deputy Principal

At the end of Term 1 our Deputy Principal, Mrs Julie Cochrane, underwent back surgery and will be taking some personal leave until she is well enough to return to work.

Mrs Cochrane has expressed that she is “grateful to be part of such a wonderful, loving and caring Christian community and I know that I can count on everyone to uphold me (and my husband John) in prayer during this time.”

In her absence Mrs Ruth Brown (Director of Primary) will be stepping into the role of Acting Deputy Principal. Ruth has a wealth of experience as an educational leader and is well known to our Cedars community. Mr Ben Jamieson, one of our Stage and KLA leaders in Junior School will also be stepping up to support Mrs Brown in the leadership of the Primary years during this time.

School Psychologist

It is not long now until Mrs Hannah Baker welcomes her second child into the world. Mrs Baker will be taking Maternity Leave for 12 months and will be missed in her role as School Psychologist. I have the pleasure of informing our community that we have appointed Mrs Helen Booth as a temporary replacement from Mrs Baker during her leave. Mrs Baker has already begun the process of handing over to Mrs Booth.

Mrs Booth is an experienced Psychologist who knows our community well as she has been a part of Cedars as a parent for a number of years now. We are looking forward to a smooth transition for this important role in the College.


Our long standing and much loved Librarian, Mrs Sheree Pupovac has made the move from full time to part time. We honour her decision to make this change and to job share the role of Teacher Librarian we welcome Mrs Louise Saint-John. Mrs Saint-John has worked in school libraries, is very qualified and has vast experience in online learning and supporting teachers in curriculum development. We are excited that during this season we will have two well equipped Librarians to support our staff and students in their learning.

Teachers’ Aide

One of our Teachers’ Aides, Mrs Melinda Sanders, finished up her role at Cedars to pursue a teaching role with the Department of Education. Mrs Sanders was only with us for a short time but has been a wonderful support to our students. Mrs Kathryn Duncan, who has taught at Cedars over a number of years, has stepped into that position and will join the Learning Support Team in Term 2.

I am sure that we will welcome those new faces into our community (or into new roles) and make them feel warmly welcomed as we begin to phase back into schooling next week.

I am looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Mr Steve Walton, Principal