Student Incident Reporting Form

This term a new online student incident form has been trialled in Middle School and Senior College.

This reporting system is accessible only by students which they can do by clicking on the student incident tile located on their C-Hub homepage.

While we always encourage students to direct their concerns in person to a trusted adult or teacher, we do understand that at times students may feel unable to do this therefore reports can be made anonymously if they choose. It is anticipated that this will provide an additional and less confronting way for students to express their concerns over behaviour that they witness either online or at school. The system also allows students to upload any supporting evidence such as screen shots or other files.

When a report is received, the information is treated very sensitively and accessed only by the relevant members of the College Welfare team.

So far the system has been used responsibly by students and if it proves to be effective in helping students to feel safe and supported at school we will continue to provide this in 2019. If you have any questions about this reporting system, please contact any of the Sub-School Coordinators.