C-Hub or Cedars-Hub is the learning management system used by the College. Each student has a personalised page with access to class pages for each subject area. It is an online, closed environment for our community where students can access assignments, teaching resources, ask questions of their teacher or classmates, and contribute to discussions about the range of topics they may be studying in class.

Parents are able to access C-Hub and are able to see student learning tasks and feedback from their child’s teacher. This allows transparency between school and home and assists parents to support their child/ren in their learning and time management. Parents are also able to view their child’s grades and access permission notes.

To enter C-Hub you can click here or select the C-Hub icon in the menu bar.

C-Hub App

Our C-Hub App is available and our parents are encouraged to download the App and start using it to easily access all the necessary information on their child’s progress, timetable, school calendar, news, etc.

Privacy Notice
The password-protected area of this site (C-Hub) contains information that is only available and applicable to students, parents of students, and Cedars Christian College staff. As such, access to this information is a privilege of being a member of the Cedars’ community. As a condition of entering this password-protected area, please respect the confidentiality of this site by not redistributing or misusing the information contained in this area.