Our Junior School

To us at Cedars, it’s important that for every transition a child makes in their education, we continue to motivate and encourage the love of learning to achieve the best results.

Our Junior School, from Kindergarten to Year 4, is a vibrant and active part of the College. With a focus on building strong foundations in literacy and numeracy, we provide a comprehensive curriculum that’s empowered by the latest in computer technology. Addressing the six key learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History, Creative Arts and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education; our curriculum is informed by a Christian worldview, and is also enriched by specialist lessons, for example: Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Gymnastics.

Recently we have introduced Social Decision Making and Problem Solving (SDMPS).  This program teaches children valuable skills in the areas of self control, problem solving, decision making and getting along with others.

Additionally, Cedars’ curriculum aims to cater to individual needs by offering extension programs for more complex and challenging curriculum experiences, as well as the opportunity to differentiate and personalise programs through the provision of specialist staff and learning support teachers.

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