Our Middle School

Cedars Middle School program sets us apart from many other schools because we’ve thought a little differently.

For students in Years 5 to 8, our Middle School intentionally does what the name suggests; we nurture our students’ “middle” transition from Junior School to Senior College.

We do it because we understand the challenges at this point in a student’s education as they leave a primary school environment with predominantly one teacher, to a high school environment that has a complex timetable and a variety of teaching approaches and expectations.

Cedars Middle School program, instead, manages this phase by introducing specialist teachers in Years 5 and 6 while students still spend a large percentage of their time with their Pastoral Care Teacher – what others call a Homeroom Teacher. This proportion of time gradually decreases through Year 7 and 8 as each child becomes more independent and is ready to be taught by a wider number of specialist teachers.

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Credentials for life through academic excellence, character development and faith.

In all that we do at Cedars Christian College, it’s informed by implicational thinking. Because, we believe that to effectively prepare our students for the future, it starts by investing in their lives today. And that’s by providing a holistic education that can take them deeper, to go further, through academic excellence, faith and character development.

It’s a commitment we’ll always be relentless about. Because in an ever-changing world, we know they’re foundational qualities that represent more than an education. They’re credentials—for life. That, which results in equipping our students so they can move forward with the confidence they need, for all that’s ahead in their lives.