Our Senior College

At Cedars, we think ahead. That’s why in Senior College we remain focused on ensuring that every one of our students is prepared for life beyond school. Our holistic approach to learning invests in the educational, emotional, social and spiritual formation of our students as they face the increasing demands of the Higher School Certificate (HSC), tertiary study and work.

In addition to the core subjects and electives in the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) and HSC, we offer a diverse range of interest courses such as journalism, music, and sporting excellence that allow our students to explore their creative, technical and sporting abilities. We also cater to a growing interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) through participation in local competitions and programs.  With a strong commitment to our students’ future, we have a dedicated Careers Advisor who spends time with students in individual coaching interviews as they go through a personal assessment and try to discover the career that they will not only do well at, but will also have a passion for.

Leadership development is an important part of what we do. With a dedicated program that helps young people think about their influence within and outside the school, students are exposed to a range of missional, citizenship, entrepreneurial and academic activities designed to develop their leadership capabilities.

We also happen to think that making great memories is an important part of school life. Whether it is participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Program, attending one of the biannual tours of Germany or Japan, learning to play in a band or sing in tune, or going on camp, it’s all there. Our Pastoral Care Program is strongly focused on building social and emotional health, and as an accredited MindMatters school, we work hard to ensure that each of our students can learn in a supportive environment.

The best result for us is knowing that once students complete their education at Cedars, they’ll leave knowing they’re equipped with all that they need to move forward with confidence into an exciting future.

Enjoy our Graduation Highlights:


Credentials for life through academic excellence, character development and faith.

In all that we do at Cedars Christian College, it’s informed by implicational thinking. Because, we believe that to effectively prepare our students for the future, it starts by investing in their lives today. And that’s by providing a holistic education that can take them deeper, to go further, through academic excellence, faith and character development.

It’s a commitment we’ll always be relentless about. Because in an ever-changing world, we know they’re foundational qualities that represent more than an education. They’re credentials—for life. That, which results in equipping our students so they can move forward with the confidence they need, for all that’s ahead in their lives.


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