Daniel West

A game request from a young Cedars’ student during a Year 10 Information Software Technology (IST) class developed in Daniel West a passion for gaming.

Daniel says, ‘We were tasked with taking a request from a Junior School student and creating a game to fit their prompt. I enjoyed it so much I ended up working on games in my own time.’

The activity kicked off a life long interest.

‘Since then, I’ve also applied the knowledge I learned in Physics and Math class, like vectors and gravitation. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention all those hours spent playing games in the Library after school.’

At 18 years of age Daniel designed and developed Airscape: Fall of Gravity which has won a raft of awards including the Winner of Intel level Up 2014 Best Use of Game Physics and PAX Australia Australian Indie Showcase.

He was also featured in the Wall Street Journal. (Click here to view.)

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Fast  forward to 2020 and Daniel has now completed his Bachelor of Computer Science, making the Dean’s List and managing straight high distinctions throughout his degree.

Although gaming and game design is still a passion of his, Daniel has broadened his field of expertise and is now developing projects using Artificial Intelligence (AI).  His latest project which took 2 ½ years to develop has recently been launched and published by over a dozen tech journalists including Popular Mechanics.

Lego Sorting Machine using AI (video)

The great attention that his Lego Sorting Machine captured has now opened several different opportunities for Daniel, most of which have come from international cutting edge companies.

The future for Daniel is full of amazing possibilities and will most certainly involve developing more inventive, innovative projects using AI.

Watch this space.