Cedars hosts the Global Leadership Summit

You may recall that I had the opportunity to be part of the Global Leadership Summit in Chicago with a group of leaders from Christian Schools around Australia last Term. Not only did we learn a great deal ourselves we were tasked with the challenge of creating a modified version of the summit for students in Australia.

This was the first of its kind and Cedars was selected to be one of the schools in Australia to launch the Summit for Students.


(The Global Leadership Summit has over 400,000 participants in 128 countries and is translated to over 60 languages. The teaching is world class. Take a look at this clip of some of the highlights from this year’s summit here >>)

So in October we opened our doors to students from a variety of Christian schools who participated with our Year 10 students in the one day GLS for students. With over 100 in attendance it was a fantastic day to connect with young leaders from across the state.

One of the catch phrases from the GLS was:

When a leader gets better, everyone wins.’

Leadership development is something that I intentionally invest in for myself and is something that we focus on for our students at Cedars. We hope that as we lead we can have a positive influence in the lives of people around us. The Summit certainly inspired our students to consider how they can use their influence to do this.

At the conclusion of the Summit at Cedars we invited our Year 10 students to consider taking up leadership roles within the College. I was pleasantly surprised at the uptake and as I read through the application forms I can see that our students certainly have grasped the culture we have at Cedars of servant leadership and I can see the positive impact that the Summit had on them.

Our students commented they were especially impacted by the following :

“Gratefulness brings joy.”

“If you get offered a seat on a rocket ship jump on even if it’s not what you were planning.”

“People don’t have to agree with your ideas for them to be good.”

“As a girl it was inspiring to hear that we can have a seat at the table and take big jobs.”

“Don’t tell girls they’re bossy tell them they are executive leaders.”

“White space is the practice of making space after each task to be happy with what you have done.”

“Some times you have to ask your self ‘When’ is good enough.”