Computer coding in the Primary classroom at Cedars

“Everyone should learn how to code, it teaches you how to think.” –   Steve Jobs

Coding is writing instructions for a computer to perform. Learning to code is part of preparing our students for the future; as computers are involved in so much of our lives from communication, education, and banking to information gathering.

We want to equip our students for the world they are growing up in and to develop their skills in problem solving and logical thinking.

Our Year 2 classes have been exploring the fundamentals of coding using basic coding language, sequencing commands and the process of trial and error. They have looked forward to coding each week and have been been highly engaged and motivated.  Students have faced many challenges and have found ways to work through these independently and with their peers.

Year 4 students have been using an online coding studio. This is a self-paced program engaging students in games to solve problems. Our Probots have been used to enter codes, to draw 2D shapes and pathways. The benefits have included team building and problem solving skills.

Computer coding in Primary sm

Year 6 students have been learning about Computer Programming during Mathematics Groups. Some groups are working through the CS First’s Story Telling Program where online videos teach specific elements of coding and then give students an opportunity to use this new knowledge to create a fun project. Other groups have worked through programs online where they also learn an element of coding and then implement it on a specific task. The final group have been using the program to code a ball shaped robot called ‘Sphero’ to move to music. Students have learned to work in teams, follow instructions, problem solve and use basic computer language.

Year 6 Maths Ext - Coding_ final web
Computer Coding in Primary 2 sm

Computer coding in Primary 3 sm