Excellent Results for the HSC at Cedars Christian College

It is my privilege to announce the Higher School Certificate results for 2015.

We had a diverse group of 41 students sit the HSC examinations this year with 20% of them receiving Band 6 results in one or more of their subjects. A Band 6 result is equivalent to 90% or greater which is quite a significant achievement.

Courses that were particularly successful this year were Music, with all students receiving marks between 89% and 98% and Ancient History with two students receiving 95%.

I would also like to congratulate Connor Hutchinson on receiving our highest ATAR this year of 91.15.

Although all these results are fantastic and worthy of praise, we are equally as pleased with those students who, although not in the Band 6 field, have overcome significant challenges and performed to the best of their ability. For us, the greatest results are when our students achieve not only scholastically, but also develop a strong faith in Christ, a strength of character, a sense of resilience and a bigger worldview to help them to meet life’s challenges. We congratulate our students for the many ways in which they have found success this year.

The 2015 graduates from Cedars will pursue further study and careers in the following areas:

  • Arts
  • Psychology
  • Commerce
  • Nursing
  • Carpentry
  • Ancient History
  • Computer Game Development
  • Events Management
  • Medical Physics
  • Natural Therapy
  • Music Composition
  • Medical Science
  • Hospitality
  • Social Work
  • International Studies

I congratulate all of our students for achieving their Higher School Certificate and all of the staff and parents who taught, assisted, cared for and encouraged them along the way.