It’s all about Perspective

One cold and wintery morning I got into my car to leave for work, and as I drove out of the driveway, I was surprised how foggy it was. I could barely see 20 meters in front of me, so I turned on my hazard lights and drove slowly towards the freeway.

As I rolled along at about 40 km/h, I was shocked to see how fast the other drivers were going. They shot past at 100km/h and shook their heads or beeped their horns at me. I was indignant at their apparent lack of concern for their own safety and for the other drivers on the road. After about 5 minutes of this, I wound down my window, only to reveal a beautiful clear and sunny morning. It was then I realised that there wasn’t actually any fog outside, instead it was only my windows that had misted up!

I guess life can be a bit like this for us sometimes. From where we sit, we view all of our problems right in front of our face and we struggle to see our way around or through them. But from someone else’s perspective, there might be a simple solution or our situation isn’t quite as bad as we think it is.

This time of year always helps to put things into perspective for me. The end of the year can be full of challenges along with a heavy workload, and yet I also have the wonderful opportunity to graduate our Prep students, receive a special envelope from Kindergarten students who are learning to write letters, celebrate with Year 4 students moving on to Middle School, read student reports and see how much they have grown and learnt this year, and ultimately enjoy Cedars Celebration with our whole College community.

These experiences and events certainly put things into perspective for me. They remind me of the reason why I do what I do and they make me grateful for the commitment of the staff, students and parents associated with our community.

Taking the opportunity to step back, evaluate, and put things into perspective is an important thing to do in the midst of our demanding lives.

So let me encourage you as we head into the busy season, find a way to lift your head up from the foggy windscreen in front of you, to gain some perspective, reflect on the year, and remember the reason for the season.

I hope that as we come together at Cedars Celebration next Wednesday, we will be able to share one of those opportunities together. I look forward to seeing you there.
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