Leading Lives Forward

One of the joys of my role as Principal at Cedars is to stand at the pick up lane at the end of each school day and connect with students, parents and grandparents. I learn a lot about our families and students from this one simple act. As Principal, connecting with individuals in our school community is very important to me, as each person is unique and has their own story.

It is this focus on the individual that characterises our culture at Cedars. Each child has a different set of gifts and talents and has different dreams and ambitions. That is why at Cedars we do not just focus on a score in an examination, but focus on academic excellence as well as the development of personal character and leadership skills. We spend time with individual students, developing the foundational qualities that are intentionally designed to help build resilience and lead students forward, equipping them to go further in life. It is this thinking that helps us to prepare them for a strong future and the ability to impact the world around them. To us at Cedars, that is the greatest result of all and why we have chosen to celebrate some of our alumni achievements on our new website. We look forward to adding to this list in the months ahead.

Our new television commercial is an excellent example of why we think our greatest results are the achievements of each individual student. Jordan Stalker, our School Captain in 2011, recently returned to Australia in the off-season from playing American Football in the USA. In chatting with him about his time at Cedars whilst he was filming with us, it was abundantly clear that the leadership skills and mentoring he received while he was at Cedars, not only helped him academically, but also with his sporting career. Playing sport at this level was a dream for Jordan, and we were so happy to help him achieve that goal.

Success looks different for everyone. Our desire is to uncover the passions and talents of each individual student and to help them find success.

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