Post-School Destinations

The NSW Department of Education’s Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation has released its 2016 annual report on NSW Secondary Students’ Post-School Destinations and Expectations. The report was picked up in an article published by The Sydney Morning Herald, which noted that ‘Private school students were nearly 15 per cent more likely to go to university in 2016 than students at Catholic schools, and nearly 24 per cent more likely than government school students’.

University Graph for Steve's blog

Although university is not the only avenue to a successful career and life after school, Cedars has always had strong results for students who wanted to go to university. What is worthy of noting in our data is that 75% of those students are offered a place at university even before they sit a single HSC examination.

Most universities now have an Early Entry Program where they interview students, consider their school based assessment marks, their reports, letters of reference and their extra curricular activities. With such a strong extracurricular and Leadership Development Program at Cedars our students certainly do stand out amongst the pack. With a considerable emphasis on serving others and being positive and influential members of the community our graduates are well sought after by tertiary institutions who are now looking for more that just students in their courses – they are seeking advocates for their organisation. They want people that will not only represent themselves well but will also make their university stand out from the pack.

I am always excited by the achievements of our graduates and love hearing back from them about their post-school achievements. But most of all, I love looking forward with our students,  thinking about what their future may look like and how we can help to lead them there.