Quality and Substance

Every morning and night when I brush my teeth, I reach for my faithful tube of Colgate toothpaste.  Recent research tells me that I am not alone in doing this. In a poll by Reader’s Digest, Colgate was identified as being the most trusted brand in Australia. The article then went on to explain that it is the “brands which continue to offer quality and substance that hold our trust”. So why do I and so many other Australians use Colgate toothpaste? Simply because, for over many years, this brand has faithfully done what it said it would do – it has given me fresh breath and a sparkling smile. I trust this brand.

Just like brand names, our personal reputations are really important. If you were asked to give three words that describe your character what would they be? Similarly, if you were to ask a few people who know you well to do the same, how would they describe you? Do others know you as someone who is reliable and can be trusted to live up to your word?

The Bible talks about this concept of trustworthiness as being somewhat elusive. In Proverbs 20:6 King Solomon declares, “Many claim “I’m a trustworthy person!” but who can find someone who truly is?” Like most good things, trust is an attribute that is developed over time. Every day there are opportunities for all of us to demonstrate our integrity, our loyalty and faithfulness through our relationships and interactions with others. The decisions we make and the way we consistently respond to these opportunities will determine whether we become someone worthy of trust.

At Cedars we acknowledge and worship a God who can be trusted to fulfil all His promises to us. He is the ultimate role model in this regard and as teachers, we aim to nurture this Godly character trait in all our students. Just like the iconic brand Colgate, our hope is that Cedars students will continue to be known in the wider community as young people of quality and substance. And that is a reputation worth pursuing.