That’s what the Olympics are all about!

I am sure like me, many of you have Olympic Fever. I love watching our nation compete with the best in the world and take home the gold!

One of the most frequent statements I have heard from the commentators over the past week has been “That’s what the Olympics are all about!” If there was an underdog story of someone who came from behind to win the commentator would say “That’s what the Olympics are all about.” If the favourite won after years of dedication and perseverance the commentators would say “That’s what the Olympics are all about.” If someone missed out on a medal by 0.03 of a second, they would say “That’s what the Olympics are all about.”

That commonly used statement got me thinking, what is it that Cedars is all about?

In my office I have a series of photographs on the wall from all across the school. They highlight all of the different aspects of Cedars life and the largest frame on the wall has a graphic outlining the Characteristics of a Cedars Student.

The graphic says that: A Cedars Student is:

  • Educated
  • Pursuing Excellence
  • Compassionate
  • Resilient
  • Faithful to God
  • Disciplined
  • Respectful

Steve Wall Photos

For me, this is what Cedars is all about!

These are the characteristics that we endeavour to instil in our students. They are not only graduate outcomes but also what we desire for them to have built into their lives right now. We believe that by leading our students forward towards their dreams, focussing on these traits will not only help them achieve those dreams,  but will help them to do so with humility, grace and excellence.

Our teachers regularly talk to our students about what a Cedars student is; they discuss their effort and application towards their work in relation to these characteristics. They even report back to parents formally about these traits through their child’s school report.

The Olympics are exciting. We watch them every four years and become passionate about supporting our teams. But I think what the Olympics are really all about is the four years in between where the athletes are up early training rain, hail or shine. The countless hours at the gym doing the hard work that most of us never see. It is the same for our students. The ones who ultimately find success, in whatever form that may take, are the ones who diligently work towards it. Day in, day out, regardless of who is watching.