What is a school psychologist anyway?

I cringe when watching a movie and a counsellor gets involved – they’re usually out of touch eccentrics who don’t listen, don’t have a clue what is going on and give useless airy fairy advice. My hope here is to give you a sense of what it REALLY means to have a School Psychologist support your family and be part of your school community.

A Positive partnership…

I don’t judge and I don’t tell you what you’re doing wrong. I don’t analyse or diagnose unless it’s helpful for you, and I don’t even have a couch! When providing counselling, the aim is for you to set the direction and I’ll help you reflect on what you want to be done differently and your preferences on how to achieve this. I aim to end my time with a student or family with the question,  “Anything else you need to ask or want to tell me about?”

…with a professional …

As a Psychologist I have a science background and am  registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority. To be a Psychologist you undertake six years of training initially, and then there are yearly training and standards requirements to maintain this qualification.

…who aims to provide for you…

I provide resources, a safe space, a listening ear and reflection. Any theories I pose or suggestions I make are based on my training and scientific research. I don’t fix kids or families, but I can support them to make the changes they want to and help their teachers to understand their needs.

..and to promote wellbeing!

As part of our KidsMatter and MindMatters strategies, Cedars aims to promote good mental health. One of the ways we do this is by sharing the research into what makes and keeps people mentally healthy, and offering practical strategies for ways to look after yourself.