What was your favorite board game growing up?

Mine was Cluedo. I used to love it when Mum or Dad would go to the games cupboard after dinner or on a rainy day. For me it meant a couple of hours of fun with my brothers. But now that I am a father and a teacher I know that it meant something much more for them.

Yes, it was a good way to occupy and entertain us, but more importantly it was a way to teach us how to win well and how to lose well. It was a way to help us sort out our disagreements and develop problem-solving skills. This regular experience was invaluable to me growing up.

These days the humble board game is under threat. Families are spending less time together around the dinner table or playing a board game together, and missing the opportunity to develop these important skills.

This Saturday between 1.00 – 4.00 pm Cedars P&F is hosting a day of old fashioned family fun. Although we won’t have board games to play, there will be plenty of opportunities for winning and losing, for challenges and for triumph and absolutely for fun and laughter.

I invite young and old to join us on the day for games like tunnel ball, egg and spoon races, tug-o-war, and the three-legged race. It is certainly set to be a day of fun and maybe even some learning. I hope to see you there.