Ask yourself ‘Why’

If you have ever been in the company of a 3-year-old, you will know their standard response to absolutely everything is “Why?”

In a recent conversation with my grandson Teddy, I mistakenly said, “I am going out in my boat.”

“Why?” was the immediate response.

“Ah, because I like it.”


“Because it makes me happy.”


“Because it’s good for my emotional and mental health!”

How on earth did I go from boating to explaining my emotional and mental stability to a 3-year-old!

That is the power of “why!” Asking ‘why’ moves your surface thoughts to a deeper understanding. That is why Jesus asked people so many questions. He knew the only way to move knowledge to conviction is to move people’s thoughts into a more self-reflective space.

As we re-emerge from 2020 and some normality is reoccurring, I have noticed that even though we have been in person at church on Sundays for four months, many people haven’t returned.

COVID was horrible, but was also helpful in a way as it caused us to  re-evaluate almost everything. My suggestion is when it comes to church do not re-join because that is what you should do. Ask yourself “Why?” I’d peel it right back to thinking “Why am I a Christian?” This is not so you doubt, in fact asking why will strengthen your thinking. It means you choose because you know the importance of your why.

As we head into Easter and all that it means, maybe you could not care less about the message of the cross. Allow me to be a 3-year-old…. Why?” Have you ever asked yourself why you send your children to a school that believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus but you as a parent don’t believe? I guess my point is not to sway you either way but to get you to live powerfully from conviction wrestled from asking why I believe or do not believe.

So why don’t you do the “Teddy Test” on some of your thoughts and decisions. I’m confident that it won’t bring you confusion, but instead it will bring you clarity.