God in a Box

It’s hard to imagine that for centuries if you wanted to find God someone could actually give you directions! You see, according to the Old Testament, God wanted access to people so He put Himself in a box called The Ark of the Covenant. This “God Box” meant that people had access to God and Him to people via His chosen priest.

When Jesus arrived on the scene God found a better way to be with us, you might say God busted out of His box! Now we can access God anytime, anywhere. Yet strangely, even though God isn’t in a box anymore, it still seems to be a human preference that God be in a location that suits our needs.

When I was in Europe recently teaching leaders, I was regularly asked “What does God’s Spirit look like in your church on Sundays?” This might seem like a fair question? Except I think it’s the wrong question, I think it’s putting God back in the box!

It seems as Christians the most important thing is how do we experience God in the one and half hours we give to Him on Sundays.

I think a better question asked and explored for all of us is, “What does God’s Spirit look like, sound like and act like when I’m at work, raising our kids, in our marriages and our businesses.

My encouragement to you today is let God out of the box, look for Him in all you do, He’s there, He’s available if you seek Him out.

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