Have you heard the news?

The news we read and see in our nation and in the world is often negative, challenging, sometimes overwhelming and at times frightening.  We would all have to agree during the last year this has been the case especially.  Even now we are facing new restrictions.

But I want to change our focus to good news.

We as a school community have good news stories.  This last term has especially been full of good news and wonderful accomplishments.  I love looking back over a term and seeing how we have been preparing our students, not only academically but in so many other ways as well.

I hope you’ll agree with me that we have good news!

One of my favourite stories is how we have joined together as a school community and launched into our 40th year anniversary by beginning our ‘40 Ways of Giving’.  Already we have reached out to our community and beyond and raised close to $10,000!  Here are a few of the ways we have given this Term. (For the full story read here.)

We continue to develop leadership skills in our students and this is evident in many of our programs.  We empower our students to lead as role models who are passionate about helping and serving others.

Here are just a few of the ways our leaders have had opportunities to be developed this term.

Our Year 9 students had the opportunity to attend Altitude ‘Reaching New Heights Leadership Conference’ where they were inspired by the story of Ben Pettingill. I love this comment from a student who attended:

“I found that the slogan, leadership is who you are and what you do, empowering. I think leadership is in everyone, we just need to embrace it and help others find their niche of leadership.”

Read the article here:

Our College Captains and Year 11 Leaders have had so many opportunities to lead by example and have been involved in planning and running events for our ’40 Ways of Giving’.

Awards Assemblies have been planned and students will be recognised across all sub schools.  Awards will be given for academic achievements as well as sport, character and creativity.  We love celebrating each student.

Science, my personal passion, has featured in classes across the school and one of my favourite stories features the activities Year 6 students took part in creating circuits. They used their creativity and resourcefulness to create awesome science projects!  Check out some of them here:  Our Year 1 students also had a fun look at Science when Mr Coutts-Smith shot off some bottle rockets for them.

A few other highlights for me have been:

National Simultaneous Storytime which literally blasted off and ignited a new love of reading for our Junior School Students.

And we can’t forget all the tremendous sporting achievements we’ve had including Cross Country, Zone Soccer Champions, Metro Cup Champions in football and netball, Gymnastics medals, Athletic Carnival successes and so many more.

Also, let’s not forget the exciting development of our new Resource Centre!

Along with all the achievements we’ve celebrated weddings and engagements in our staff as well as celebrating and thanking those who have been with us for decades and are now moving on.  We honour and thank our beloved Sue Walker and of course Eric, ‘The best crossing guard ever.’

Read their stories here – Mrs Walker / Eric

These stories are only a few highlights, there are countless more that we don’t have time to mention.

So as much as possible let me encourage you to focus on the good news, not the bad news.

Have a great break and let’s all thank God for the good news.