Instagram doesn’t give us the full picture

They say a picture tells a thousand words.  That means most of our Instagram accounts are speaking volumes. The thing about Instagram accounts or other forms of social media is that they tend to just show us the highlights of our lives and not the full story.

Take our own Cedars account for instance. It is full of amazing experiences for our students, excellent leadership programs, excursions, book week parades, school fetes, sports carnivals, awards assemblies and a whole range of student achievements or recognitions.

When I look back through the photos from Semester 1, I am proud of our School and the achievements of our staff and students. However, the success stories we see on our page, and other people post on their own pages, don’t just come out of nowhere.

But when you look through social media accounts that is how it appears.

What you don’t see on most accounts is the ups and downs, the challenges, the times we fail or struggle to learn something new.  It is here that the real success occurs and character is built. We don’t see posts of students sitting in a Maths classroom solving problems until the method becomes memorised, or writing draft after draft of an essay until the wording is just right. The classroom is where students spend most of their time during the school day and is where they are tested and challenged.

I hope that as we come to the end of Semester 1 and you receive your child’s report and as you will read about the ups and downs of their Semester in each subject area, you will appreciate the challenges they have gone through, comprehend how they have been stretched and understand that they are still on their learning journey. Take this chance not just to celebrate the end result, like we might on Instagram, but to commend your child on their consistent approach in the classroom, when no one is looking.

I hope that you have a pleasant term break. I look forward to your return for Semester 2.