Lighthouse Celebrates 50 Years!

I love the Jerry Seinfeld stand up bit about birthday parties where he says:

“The thing about birthday parties is that your first birthday party and your last birthday party are actually quite similar. You just kind of sit there. You are the least excited person at the party. You don’t even really realise that there is a party. You don’t know what’s going on. At both birthday parties people have to kind of help you blow out the candles because you can’t do it. You don’t even know why you are doing it. What is this ritual?! What is going on! They are also the only two birthday parties where other people have to gather your friends together for you. Sometimes they’re not even your friends, they make the judgement. They bring them in and sit them down and tell you ‘These are your friends! Tell them thank you for coming to my birthday party.’”

Well I can’t remember a thing about my first birthday and I certainly hope I am many years away from my last birthday party, but I did make quite a bit of fuss about my 50th. It was only a couple of years ago but I decided to embrace my 50th.  After-all 50 is the new 40!

It’s funny, growing up I never really thought of myself as being 50 one day. I can remember my Dad being 50 and I remember that the old people around were about 50 but I never really thought I would be 50 one day.

I wonder if that is how Bill and Joan Beard felt when they started Lighthouse 50 years ago?

What were they thinking when they gathered some people together at Port Kembla in 1969 to start a church? It didn’t take long for them to outgrow that venue and a couple of others before they bought an old run down shop and adjoining house near the train station in town which is where Lighthouse still is today. Did they have a heart for the people immediately around them or did they have a long term vision for the future? Which ever it was, here we are. 50 years later, celebrating a big birthday and embracing the 50th.  As we have been preparing for our birthday celebrations we have been marvelling at all the things that have happened through Lighthouse, the miracles along the way, the people Lighthouse has helped and the impact Lighthouse has had on the city. We absolutely know that it is God who has done these things but are so grateful to have been a part of it.

We don’t want the 50-year celebration to be like your first birthday or your last birthday. Especially not like the way Seinfeld describe them. We want to celebrate 50 with all our friends. Many of you are members at Lighthouse or the Woolshed Chapel, you may have a historical connection or you are simply enjoying a well rounded education at our school, Cedars Christian College. Whoever you are and whatever your connection to Lighthouse let me warmly invite you to come along and celebrate our 50th together. Below is an invitation and a link to book your ticket.

I look forward to hopefully seeing you at one of our events as we celebrate our 50th, otherwise I will see you at Cedars Celebration in mid December.