To spark the love of Science

Apart from our parents and peers, it is probably fair to say that teachers have a major influence over our lives. They guide us through those early years of learning a language and working with numbers, right through to our final years at school as they prepare us for the HSC. If you have been out of school for some time it may be easy to reflect back on your schooling and remember a teacher who had a great impact on your life. They may have sparked a passion in you or love for the subject area they taught, or simply took a genuine interest in you as a person and wanted the best for you in life.

For me, they were my Science teachers.

I had many different Science teachers throughout my school years. Some were compelling, charismatic and humorous, others were more reserved. However, they all built upon my developing interest in the Sciences. Even though they all had a different style of teaching, what I picked up from each of them was a passion for their subject and a desire to help each of their students achieve their full potential. It is no wonder that, after finishing high school I pursued a Science degree at the University of Wollongong and then, after working in the industry for a short time, completed my Diploma of Education to become a Science teacher myself.

As a teacher I hoped that I could spark a curiosity and passion in my own students and that they too would develop a love for Science, and the study of God’s amazing creation.

I loved my job as a Science teacher and eventually Head of Science at Cedars before moving on to other roles.  I hope my students have good memories of their schooling and having me as their Science teacher and that I helped instil in them a love for the Sciences, even if they haven’t become Science Teachers themselves.

Our current Head of Science, Mr Steve Seymour, is definitely passionate about his role and his love of Science.  He and his team of teachers and lab staff are wonderful at their jobs, and yes, they are sparking a love of Science in their students!

Next week they are hosting National Science Week at Cedars. We are all looking forward to a range of experiments and activities for our students, arranged by our Science faculty, and I am always impressed by the enthusiasm of students as they participate both in class time and during lunch breaks or even by taking on a personal research task at home.  The highlight of the week is always the Science Fair, and although this year we are unable to welcome an audience of parents and judges from the University onto our site, I am still eager to see what amazing discoveries our Year 8 students have made by practising the Scientific Method to prove or disprove their hypothesis in a wide range of experiments.

I always get excited about Science Week and relish the opportunity to don the old lab coat and perform a dissection with the students who are game to watch. This year will be no different.

Thank you to Mr Seymour and his Science team for hosting Science Week again this year. I hope that it will spark curiosity and interest from our students and maybe even spur some current students on into a career in Science like former Cedars student Chris Rouslton and his work in Antarctica, or Dr Penny Mitchel and her work s a GP. To read more about them Click HERE <<.