Welcome to the 2019 School Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful break and a refreshing Christmas and New Year. I am always excited by the start of a new school year and look forward to welcoming our students back to hear of their adventures throughout January and also to welcome the many new families and students who will join us at Cedars next week.

Meet the Teacher

Just a reminder that Meet The Teacher Day is scheduled for Tuesday 29 Jan from 1.00pm – 5.30pm for Years 1 – 12.  (Prep and Kindergarten will have separate Meet the Teacher evenings.) This is a chance to pop in for a 10-minute chat with your child’s teacher(s), see the classroom and ask any questions you need clarification on. Please click here for more details.

Early Learning Centre

There has been a buzz around the school over the past couple of weeks with our Prep and Vacation Care programs in full swing. It has been wonderful to welcome our Prep students and families into our new Early Learning Centre which is now open for business. Check out the video to see it in action.

Over the last few weeks and into the first couple of weeks of Term 1 there has been and will be a lot of action. New furniture will be arriving for Year 7 and Year 1 classes and a range of different building works and changes have all been happening.

Library News

We have made some changes to our Library to allow for more students to access the innovative lessons that take place there and to distribute books around the College to make reading and research more accessible and engaging for our students.

Primary resources have been set up in Junior School creating a Library Hub for the students, increasing the ability for enquiry based learning, research, reading and also for an additional quiet place to play at lunch times.

Our main Library will house the Middle School and Senior College resources and also have a Computer Lab, 3D printers and a small Science Lab for the iAcademy projects that require scientific research and experiments.

These short term changes give us great flexibility as we work toward a brand new Library being built in the coming years.

Artificial Turf Field Update

With the completion of the ELC over the break, work has now commenced on the Artificial Turf Field. This exciting addition to the school will be installed within the first few of weeks of Term 1 and will transform what has been a building site into a beautiful sporting field.

Community Connect  – New Date

While we wait for the field to be completed and the finishing touches to be put on the ELC, we will postpone Cedars Community Connect which was scheduled for Week 3. I look forward to a grand opening of the ELC and new field in the second half of the term and will get information about this event out to you in the coming weeks.


Chromebooks have arrived and been formatted for our students in Junior School as we continue to focus on STEM and digital literacy in our primary years. I know our students will be excited to start using these computers and our teachers are equally keen to integrate this technology into lessons.

In regards to technology and our ‘Bring Your Own Device’ Policy from Years 7-12, I will draw your attention to the note sent out last year. Students in Year 8 this year may continue to use their iPads from last year; however, when buying new devices for future use at school, let me encourage you to check the specifications to make sure your child’s online learning is a positive experience. We hope this information is helpful for you.

Parking for the ELC

Another change worth noting at the College is that with the relocation of our Prep Program we have designated some parking spaces in the bottom car park for ELC parking only.  This is to allow Prep parents to drop off and pick up their children efficiently as they need to sign their children in and out each day. These 10 minute spots have been labelled and staff will help to get used to the system over the first few weeks of school.

New C-Hub App

Our new C-Hub App was launched at the end of last year and I encourage each of our parents to download the App and start using it to easily access all the necessary information on your child’s progress, timetable, school calendar, news, etc.

Whole School Swimming Carnival

Our whole School Swimming Carnival is scheduled for the first Friday back at school so be sure to mark this down in your calendars. The carnival for Years 2 – 12 is going to be held at Western Suburbs Swimming Pool on Friday 1 February starting at 8.40 am and finishing at approximately 2.45pm.

For more information click here.

Back to school season is a busy time with lots of jobs to get done, shoes to shine, hair to cut, uniforms to purchase, etc. I hope this letter and the information below will assist you to have a positive start to the 2019 school year.

I can’t wait to get started! See you next week.

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