What are you looking forward to?

During this time of remote learning we have all experienced many changes.  We have all had to be flexible to face the daily changes that come our way as we work together to stay safe.

Here at school we have faced the challenges of the changing face of the classroom, including getting technology working so our students can login to our online lessons and learn equally as well as if they were in the classroom itself.  For families at home it is supporting children with their learning or just trying to find some time and space to complete their own work.

However, with all of these changes many of our students have found working at home without distraction helpful and families have told us that they have enjoyed being part of their child’s classroom learning. Students and parents have been motivated and looked forward to the welcome videos each morning as they have watched staff dance, dress up, share jokes, create dramas and even see some staff use their pet as part of the daily welcome. Some parents have commented that they were so entertained by the welcome video that they have watched it several times and looked forward to what might be posted the next day.

On the flip side of this pandemic however, we have been challenged by the social restrictions that have been enforced. We haven’t been able to meet with friends, visit family or go on holidays. Before Covid-19 I always looked forward to being able to plan and anticipate upcoming events. I looked forward to spending holiday time with my family, catching up with friends for coffee, attending church and Bible study. I know these are events that we have all been missing.

Planning and having something to look forward to is a large part of life’s journey that helps keep us energised.  The anticipation of what is to come often brings as much joy as the event itself. Looking forward to a future experience can give us the motivation and persistence to keep moving forward, just like anticipating a fun weekend after a working week can keep us focussed in the present as we know there is an opportunity for leisure and refreshment at the end.

Even though we don’t yet know when restrictions will ease, we do know that anticipating an event is something that can sustain us through these times. As I look back over the last weeks, I am thankful for God’s protection and as I look forward, and begin planning for my next holiday to visit my family, I am trusting that God will continue to keep us all safe.

What are you looking forward to?

Proverbs 4:25: “Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you.”