What makes Cedars so different?

As I reflect on Term 1 and all that has happened in the life of our school, I am amazed by the many achievements of individual students, larger groups and teams as well as the whole school community.

From the very first day of school there have been so many wonderful opportunities for our students. If you look back through our Instagram and Facebook accounts, or open up past newsletters, you will find stories of Swimming and Cross Country Carnivals, Science Week activities, cricket champions, school camps, our ELC Official Opening and Community Connect, Futsal Field completion, Autism Awareness Day, National Day Against Bullying, Grandparents Day, Geography and Public Speaking Competition winners, and so many other wonderful stories of achievement, growth and learning. And let’s not forget about the incredible work of our teachers and students in class every day improving on their learning and constantly working towards their individual goals.

Although we do all of these wonderful things and celebrate our  achievements, other schools may also do something similar.

So what makes Cedars unique? What is at the core of who we are that drives all that we do?

As a Christian school we place Christ at the centre of all we do. The lessons we learn from the Bible and the life of Jesus are infused through our teaching programs, our events, and certainly inspire our staff in the way they teach and encourage their students. We view our world through a Biblical lens or filter.  For us, being a Christian school is about being authentic in our faith and living out that faith each and every day. It is acknowledging God in all we do.

We value the individual and see each child as a unique creation of God’s. We see the value He places on each student and we celebrate their uniqueness helping them work towards the wonderful plans He has for each life.

Something else that sets us apart from other schools is that we realise a great result doesn’t simply equate to high academic marks. We have a commitment to develop leaders.  We recognise that students who have achieved scholastically as well as having developed a faith in Christ, resilience, strength of character and a bigger worldview, are far better prepared to meet life’s opportunities and challenges.

Celebrating Easter at our Easter Assembly is a wonderful opportunity for us to highlight one of our core values – faith in Christ.  This is one day where we stop as a community and reflect on how our lives are forever changed because of the Cross and the Resurrection. Together we remember God’s incredible sacrifice which has now given each of our students a future that is bright and full of hope, and we are thankful knowing that He will always be with each one of us.

I warmly invite you to come along to our Easter Assembly tomorrow, Thursday 11 April from 1.45 until 2.45pm. I hope to see you there and I also hope you have a wonderful term break connecting with family, friends and especially over Easter, connecting with God. If you do not attend a local Church and are looking for somewhere to go this Easter please check out some opportunities in the flyer attached to the newsletter.  Happy Easter.