What’s on in Term 4?

Here we are in Term 4, a term full of opportunities for our students to learn and grow.  Listed below are some of the many things our students and I are looking forward to.

iAcademy Expo:

I have been passionate this year about the introduction of our iAcademy Program at Cedars and the enthusiasm displayed by teachers throughout the College to focus on teaching the skills used for future STEM related industries as well as skills such as critical thinking and evaluative processes, entrepreneurial skills and a problem solving mind-set.

I am excited about what the students have developed over the past 12 months and some of that work will be on display this term. Check out the article from our Director of Innovation, Mr David Carter, in this newsletter to find out more about iAcademy and the expo of work from Years 8 -10.

Cedars Celebration:

This year our theme for Celebration is Vision and Growth. The items our students will be preparing for our end of year concert will revolve around the idea that not only do we grow as a school community but also as individuals. As parents and teachers we share the vision that God has for each individual student in our school.  Our children will grow in their learning and in their faith as they pursue that vision.

Mrs Sonia Pozoglou, our Director of Creative and Performing Arts is well underway with the planning of our end of year event and students are encouraged to listen for opportunities to perform and take on key roles in Celebration.

The Completion of our Early Learning Centre:

Although we have had some unforeseen delays, it is exciting to see the final touches being put on the building and the playground. I am looking forward to having our Prep Program housed in this amazing new facility. Stay tuned for opportunities to have a look inside our new ELC soon.

The Building Levy Contribution:

Each year families are asked to contribute to the development of our College through a building levy added to school fees. It is important to note where those funds are being spent. Each year the funds are allocated to projects around the College to improve or introduce new facilities.  Recent areas of investment include the new stairs heading up to Junior School, air conditioning in various locations around the College, and improvements to a number of areas of the School. Future projects will include a large shelter over the stairs heading up to Junior School which will act as a wet weather shelter during play time and importantly for students who are waiting for buses at the end of the day.

Artificial Turf Futsal Field:

Continuing with the theme of improving current and adding new facilities to the College, I have the exciting announcement that this year we will be installing an Artificial Turf Futsal Field at Cedars. The field will be a purpose built facility that will give our students more playing time than our current grass field when it is re-established at the completion of our Early Learning Centre Project.

With less wear and tear than our heavily used field that tends to be trampled down over winter, this field will maintain its integrity year round and provide our students with a consistent surface to play and train on all year. It is designed to drain well so that it can be used even sooner after rain. Cedars performs well in Futsal at a state level and we are keen to continue to focus on this sport. There will still be plenty of natural grass areas for students to use for play and I know that this new sports facility will be a welcome addition.

2019 College Captains

It was exciting to introduce our new College Captains at the Year 12 Graduation Assembly last term (see article in this newsletter). I’m confident they will lead our school community well.   I will attend the Synergy Leadership Breakfast with them at Southern Highlands Christian School in November as they meet and train with other Christian School Captains from the region.

Of course there are plenty of other events happening in Term 4 that I have not mentioned here including excursions, productions, standardised testing, Higher School Certificate examinations, Chapel services, debating competitions, sporting events, graduation ceremonies, orientation days, not to mention all of the great things that happen in the classrooms each day.

I hope that you have a fantastic Term 4 as you engage in the opportunities ahead. I look forward to seeing you at some of the various events over the next nine weeks and celebrating our year together at Cedars Celebration on 12 December.