Our Chaplain provides pastoral care for all members of the Cedars’ community. Staff, students, and parents are all welcome to seek support, guidance, and pastoral care from our qualified and experienced Chaplain, both in their daily work or in a time of need. The Chaplain is part of the broader team of Cedars’ staff who holistically care for our students.

Under the direction of our College Chaplain our students have been challenged and equipped to live out their faith in practical ways including:

Chapel Service

Every fortnight students attend a Chapel service where they are given the opportunity to connect with God and grow in their relationship and understanding of who He is. Chapel encourages students to engage with God’s word through a Bible talk/message, pray about important issues with peers, and worship God through music. Students are encouraged to develop leadership and service skills by serving in the Chapel Band, leading prayer groups or by assisting as sound and visual technicians.

Lunch-time Groups

As well as the formal space of Chapel Services students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of smaller groups to encourage spiritual growth. Senior College Connect Groups, Cru Group in Middle School and Junior School Prayer Groups meet across the College fortnightly at lunch times. These are student led initiatives under the supervision of the Chaplain. They are fun, relaxed spaces for the students to encourage each other in their faith.

Volunteering / Community Service

Each year our students are involved in a wide variety of community service programs and volunteer their time for a worthy cause. Our Chaplain oversees many of these initiatives that encourage students to think of others first. They include participating in the Wollongong Prayer Breakfast, cooking and serving at Lighthouse Community Kitchen and collecting for the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, just to name a few.

Leadership Training

Our College Chaplain works with the four College Captains and Year 11 leaders on specific leadership training initiatives and encourages them to recognise their gifts now and to look for opportunities to lead in everyday life.