School Psychologist

Cedars is committed to supporting student’s personal growth and wellbeing to increase their sense of self-worth and support their capacity to achieve.

Counselling services are provided by our registered Psychologist with experienced training in child and adolescent mental health. Cedars’ Counsellor provides intervention for students experiencing personal difficulties and supports students in developing critical thinking skills that act to enhance support networks both at school and home.

Counselling is available to support students around issues relating to their wellbeing including emotional, behavioural and family issues, stress, social skills, grief and physical and mental health issues. When necessary, the Counsellor liaises with parents, teaching staff and other professionals to ensure continuity of service and duty of care.

The Counselling Service at the College is available for students from Prep to Year 12 and works as part of a whole College welfare team to support student development and take steps to ensure the wellbeing of each student at Cedars.

For information on how our students can contact our Counsellor please open pdf below.

How to Contact our School Counsellor

Hannah Baker

School Psychologist

When asked Hannah Baker is quick to tell you she loves working with children and has a passion to see each child develop a strong sense of wellbeing.

“For a child to learn and do their best academically, they need to feel safe and accepted for who they are and have the skills to cope with all the other complexities of life as they arise,” says Hannah.

“My aim is to have our students well cared for and supported in order to develop social, cognitive and emotional skills.” Hannah has worked in many contexts before joining the team at Cedars, starting her career as a community based Psychologist working alongside families and schools, before moving to work as a Chaplain in several public schools, and a Psychologist in other Christian schools.

“Coming to work at Cedars was like finding a home. There’s a lovely sense that children and their families are known and loved and supported here, that we all belong to a tribe.”