Community Initiatives

At Cedars, we have a long-standing vision to build a strong community and to help in every way we can to lead our society forward. Our students, teachers, parents and staff members are connected and motivated by the vision to see our impact extend beyond the school gates and become a reality within the local community.

It’s community-focused thinking that’s another result of Cedars’ holistic education which assists in the personal and spiritual development of our students. By being involved in practical initiatives that require compassion and care of others, they see another dimension and purpose to their education – and even lives. Their eyes are opened to how they can meaningfully impact the world around them. And to us, that’s one of the greatest results of all.

Some of the community programs our College is involved with:

  • Red Shield Appeal
  • World Refugee Week
  • World Autism Awareness Week
  • Compassion
  • Wollongong Prayer Breakfast
  • Nursing Home Visitation
  • Lighthouse Community Kitchen
  • Year 10 Mission’s Week
  • International Day of People with a Disability