College Captains 2021

When identifying the characteristics of a Cedars’ student, we do not focus on what we want them to be when they graduate, but rather what we know they can be now. We believe a Cedars’ student has:

  • Faith in God
  • Respect
  • Self-Discipline
  • Compassion
  • Resilience
  • Humility
  • A Spirit of Excellence

We give consistent messages to our students that these characteristics are not only desired, but required, and that they are foundational for a successful life.

Faithful to God

kyle-walker“I strongly believe that as Cedars’ students, being Faithful to God should be our central focus in all we do. Upholding the Word of God through prayer, combined with living our lives in accordance to Biblical principles is key to living a Godly life. As Christians, being faithful to God is what enables us to have the strength to pursue excellence, to be respectful, educated, compassionate, resilient and disciplined in all we do.”

Kyle Walker (College Captain 2015)



conner-hutcheson“Resilience is essential in order to navigate our way through life. It is inevitable that we will all face difficulties and challenges in our lives both large and small. How we react or respond to these circumstances shapes our lives; we can choose to let circumstances overwhelm us or we can choose to bounce back stronger and wiser. As a leader, I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say ‘Because of you, I didn’t give up.’”

Connor Hutchinson (College Captain 2015)


Kaylah-Jordan“This is a quality that is evident in our students in the way they care for each other and are passionate about helping those in the local and global community. It is this quality that provides our school with the strong community atmosphere, of which I am very proud and blessed to be a part. It is very important to me, as a Christian, to show compassion as it says in Psalms 37:21 that ‘The Godly show compassion and are generous,’ and I strive to be Godly and more like our incredibly compassionate God in every part of my life.”

Kaylah Jordan (College Captain 2015)


Allara-Bexim“I firmly believe that discipline is a key area in leadership. An example of how leaders should be disciplined is through the way they resolve situations. Leaders should be disciplined to sort situations with God’s grace in mind, rather than using personal feelings to make decisions. This allows them to take that grace and show it when others make mistakes.”

Allara Bexim (College Captain 2015)


Cedars-3-Students-2 Aubrey Sm for web

“A Cedars’ student shows respect in everything they do, not simply because a teacher tells them to (although that is a good reason), but instead because it is taught throughout the Bible that we should be respectful in all we do. Respect can be enacted towards people, possessions, and should be evident in our attitudes.”

Aubrey Duncan (College Captain 2017)

Pursuing Excellence

School Captains36 Emily web page“I think that as soon as a phrase like ‘pursuing excellence’ is mentioned, people almost automatically refer to an academic achievement or goal. However, I see ‘pursuing excellence’ relevant to so much more than just the academic side of things.  

 I believe that God has called me to pursue excellence in my leadership, friendships, music and in my relationship with Him. Pursuing excellence is about trying your hardest no matter the circumstance, and pursuing goals with the same passion and enthusiasm whether it be desirable or not.”

Emily Espinoza (College Captain 2017)


Hannah web

“Compassionate means to show feeling or concern for others – there is power in upholding this quality throughout life. At Cedars, students not only care for each other but they do it with a genuine heart. This value enables us to love like Jesus did and to be a part of an environment that is encouraging and supportive. 

Hannah Murphy  (College Captain 2016)



‘A Cedars student is educated’ seems like an obvious statement but at Cedars students are not only educated academically but also in their understanding and relationship with God. To be educated means to pursue knowledge and at Cedars we are taught that to be educated is to persevere through mistakes by learning and applying our new understandings. A Cedars student values lifelong learning and we know that we are not classified as educated once we graduate Year 12, but constantly pursue education throughout our whole life, looking for opportunities to grow and mature . 

Tiana Shannon  (College Captain 2018)


Leadership development is well integrated throughout the formal and informal curriculum areas at Cedars. The focus has been on instilling in our students the understanding that leadership is not about position but about action. With Christ as the ultimate role model for leadership, students are encouraged to live a life with Christ at the centre and to seek to serve the needs of others before their own.

Leadership takes on a variety of forms across the College, and is certainly not limited to students in the senior years. In Junior School, students are modelling servant leadership through their interactions with Middle School students in the Buddy Reader Program. They also have opportunities to lead their peers within their own classrooms, at assemblies, in prayer group, and by assisting staff in the playground and with equipment duty.

Student leaders in Middle School take on the responsibility of caring for the environment through the recycling initiative and their care for others has been demonstrated through the Nursing Home Visitation Program. Our participation in the GRIP Leadership Program provides selected Year 6 students with additional training in leadership development. They also lead a Middle School Prayer Group called ‘Cru Group.’

For our Senior College students, leadership training is offered through the various programs listed below. Students receive coaching and feedback on how to further develop their own leadership skills with the aim of using their gifts and talents to help others and to be a significant and a positive influence in their world.

The involvement of our students in areas of leadership outside our immediate community has been a continued source of pride for the College. Many of our students have used their leadership skills to take on roles in their local church or youth group. Others have been selected to captain or coach sporting teams, lead music groups or mentor others in their area of passion. It has been exciting and rewarding to be part of their leadership journey and we look forward to seeing the impact that these students will have in the future.

Some of our Leadership Programs and Initiatives:

  • Global Leadership Summit
  • Max Potential
  • Leadership 101
  • Captains Initiatives
  • GRIP Leadership Conference
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Life Groups
  • Worship Leading
  • Cru Group – Middle School Prayer Group
  • Junior School Prayer Group
  • Salvation Army Red Shield Leadership Day
  • Year 11 Leaders
  • Year 10 Leadership Development Camp

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