Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission

Cedars Christian College – a Christian community:

  • Inspiring learning
  • Developing leaders
  • Equipping for success

Our Vision

Cedars Christian College is dedicated to:

  • Pursuing excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Building the Kingdom of God by ministering to children and their families.
  • Being known as a College of leadership development through student and faculty achievements.
  • Inspiring each child to strive towards their full potential.
  • Providing a Christian framework where each student develops into a responsible member of the wider community.

Our Values

Faith in Christ
We will uphold the Word of God. We will pray before we make decisions and we will act in accordance with biblical principles. We will seek to build the Kingdom of God by ministering to children and their families. We will challenge them with the message of the gospel and encourage them to acknowledge the Lordship of Christ in every area of their lives. We will belong to the body of Christ and support the local church.

Lifelong Learning
We will be a learning and improving organisation, pursuing excellence in teaching and learning. We will cooperate to support the Christian Schools movement. We will guide and lead those around us. We will assist our children to grow and reach their full potential.

Growing Community 
We will work together as a team. We will seek to develop trust and interdependence in our partnerships and we will submit ourselves to each other in a spirit of service. We will recognise the role of parents, the Church, and the State in the education of children. We will acknowledge and support the Christian family as the basic unit of our Christian Community and we will support them in their God given task of raising children.