Our Strategic Plan

The Governance Board and the College Executive will ensure the school is administered in a way that is consistent with the Mission, Vision and Values approved by the Directors. Achieving the Strategic Direction will involve working towards the following goals:

Student Active Learning

  • Acceptance by students of shared responsibility in their own learning with teachers and parents
  • Engagement in the learning process

Academic Achievement

  • Maximise each student’s results in internal and external tests including NAPLAN, HSC and PISA

Student Care

  • Ensure pastoral care strategies are in place
  • Build resilient students
  • Nurture authentic Christian fellowship

Staff Active Learning

  • Commitment to shared responsibility by staff for their targeted professional learning

Staff Care and Human Resources

  • Ensure pastoral care strategies are in place
  • Encourage resiliency in staff
  • Encourage authentic Christian fellowship
  • Match peoples strengths with their roles
  • Staff the College according to its needs

Leadership Development

  • Provide opportunities for students and staff to grow in their own leadership
  • Focus on Leadership models which are: serving of others, transformational, distributed and instructional leadership

Strategic Communication

  • Ensure excellence in internal and external communications


  • Build the kingdom of God

Facilities and Growth

  • Provide College facilities that meet current and future needs

Community Partnerships

  • Build connections with community groups including: families, churches, academic institutions, other businesses, political structures and interest groups


  • Steer the organisation through wise guidance, discernment and leadership