results that take them further

At Cedars we understand you want the best result for your child’s education – to have confidence in knowing they’re connected to the right school to help them achieve and ultimately succeed in life.

At Cedars, we realise that a great result doesn’t simply equate to high academic marks. As part of our commitment to develop tomorrow’s leaders, we recognise that students who have achieved scholastically as well as having developed a faith in Christ, resilience, strength of character and a bigger worldview, are better prepared to meet life’s challenges. It’s why we take a holistic approach to education knowing it results in empowering and equipping students to achieve greater success and fulfilment in their lives.


Some of our Greatest Results

Jean Marc Bukasa

Jean Marc graduated from Cedars in 2014 and with a heart to serve and defend his new country, he became an…

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Connor Hutchinson

While a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in his first year of Senior College may have brought with it both shock and significant life …

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Jordan Stalker

Jordan Stalker was Cedars’ College Captain in 2011. With a passion for all things sport, Jordan’s early successes were on the rugby…

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Dr Penny Mitchell

Dr Penny Mitchell [nee Hentschel] graduated from Cedars in 2004. With a determined work ethic in the classroom and a quiet Christian…

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Daniel West

A game request from a young Cedars’ student during a Year 10 Information Software Technology (IST) class developed in Daniel…

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Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker was Cedars’ College Captain in 2009. With a rich Christian faith that inspired others, she also worked hard in the…

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